snowRed Bluff Ranch is located in Northwest Texas, not far from Childress, Paducah and Quanah TX. We are a hunting ranch, we do not raise cattle or farm for a living. We hunt and we raise Exotics for hunting and for sale.

The Ranch is 1,000 acres, 70% of it is juniper breaks with breathtaking views from atop the canyons. The balance is bottom land with 2.7 miles of Pease River frontage. We border the enormous Triangle Ranch and benefit from (and try to mirror) their intensive Whitetail and Mule Deer management practices.

We have a dedicated shooting range with long range steel reactive targets; a 100-yard range to sight in and verify zero on your rifles and short range tactical style shooting setup for AR’s and pistols.

There are two houses that sit on one of the highest bluffs on the ranch. “The Hunter’s Cabin” that is available for anyone hunting or shooting on the ranch and the main lodge that is primarily for me and my family. Larger groups can be accommodated, by arrangement to use the upstairs of the main lodge.

The Ranch has plenty of good options when it comes to hunting.

Whitetail – Very good population of native Whitetail. The deer from this part of Texas are very good. Large bodied deer.

Aoudad – Must be my favorite hunt on the ranch. Tough and challenging. The terrain and nature of these Sheep make you work for success!

Mule Deer – There is a small population of Mule Deer on the ranch. These are usually taken incidental to Whitetail and exotics.

All hunts and Packages on Red Bluff Ranch include lodging at no additional cost!

Long Range 100-1600 yards, Mid-range 100- 485 Yards and Tactical Pistol/AR range with both paper and reactive steel gongs and silhouettes from 10-100 yards.

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See the view from the ranch house, the wildlife and the terrain!