Whitetail & Mule Deer Hunting


The genetics of the Texas Panhandle Whitetail Deer are exceptional. With proper age and protein requirements met, the trophy quality of these deer can outstanding. We proudly offer a very limited number of Whitetail hunts each year on Red Bluff Ranch.

Stand hunting is the primary method used to hunt Whitetail on Red Bluff Ranch. Stands are placed over productive food plots, travel routes and around feeders in order to maximize the hunters opportunities.

Spot and Stalk hunting is another very commonly used method of hunting Whitetail here. The topography and terrain allow for hunters the ability to glass large areas and make a stalk. This method is used probably as much as stand hunting.

Trophy Quality

The quality of Whitetail in this area is very good. Good genetics coupled with a year round supplemental feeding program produce some very nice trophy deer. On a typical Whitetail package hunt, you can expect trophy quality of 135-155 B&C.

The Mule Deer population in this area comprises about 20% of the deer. I typically do not book a straight Mule Deer hunt. We take Mule Deer incidental to the Whitetail and/or Aoudad hunts.

Aoudad Hunting

Aoudad Sheep are, hands down, my favorite animal to hunt on the ranch. It is a physical hunt, with a lot of walking, glassing, climbing, crawling, and stalking. Probably one of the reasons it is my favorite. When you have taken your sheep, you know you have earned it.

The nature of the Aoudad makes hunting them quite challenging as they are very wary and like to inhabit the roughest parts of the ranch. They can be hunted on foot by glassing the canyons and draws, or occasionally they can be seen grazing on one of the food plots around the ranch.

Aoudad can be hunted throughout the year, however, the best months to hunt Aoudad are from mid-November through mid-February when they are more visible. We normally hunt Aoudad by spot and stalk. It is the most challenging, and the most rewarding. If the client prefers, we can hunt out of stands, or by sitting on bluffs over known travel routes or hunt on food plots.